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Hitler is that you?

As a history obsessed student I usually tend to see many features in objects/people/ that are similar to a historical figure which many people don’t notice or give any particular attention to. Today as I was walking back home from … Continue reading

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How to Make Medieval Pottage – Cooking Recipe

  Pottage was the simplest and most common form of food intake for the peasants living in the 12th century England. It was so common that in Tudor times, it was still the main part of an ordinary person’s diet. … Continue reading

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Napoleon was not really short

Napoleon Bonaparte is known for two things, conquering most of Europe and being short. Napoleon being short is true if we compare his height to now a days standards but for back then he was of average height. In modern … Continue reading

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A Day at Hampton Court – 2011

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Marie Antoinette’s Last Letter

This is the letter Marie-Antoinette Queen of France wrote to her sister-in-law Madame Elisabeth a few hours before her execution. (Letter translated from French to English by Charles Duke Yonge) 16th October, 4:30am It is to you, my sister, that … Continue reading

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Dating in the 1800’s : Victorian Courtship

If you wanted to make yourself available in the 1800’s, you’d typically attend a dance or a ball. An older chaperone will maintain a watchful eye while potential suitors express interest in a dance or two. The women will the … Continue reading

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One of Henry VIII affectionate love letters to Anne Boylen

My mistress and friend My heart and I surrender ourselves into your hands, beseeching you to hold us commended to your favour, and that by absence your affeftion to us may not be lessened: for it were a great pity to increase our pain, … Continue reading

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