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Napoleon was not really short

Napoleon Bonaparte is known for two things, conquering most of Europe and being short. Napoleon being short is true if we compare his height to now a days standards but for back then he was of average height. In modern … Continue reading

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Marie Antoinette’s Last Letter

This is the letter Marie-Antoinette Queen of France wrote to her sister-in-law Madame Elisabeth a few hours before her execution. (Letter translated from French to English by Charles Duke Yonge) 16th October, 4:30am It is to you, my sister, that … Continue reading

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Marie Antoinette Syndrome

The sudden whitening of the hair is called ‘Marie Antoinette Syndrome’. The event that named the syndrome were the three separate occasions where Queen of France Marie Antionette’s hair turned stark white after situations of stress. The first case occurred … Continue reading

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Unusual pen pals : Voltaire and Catherine the Great

Voltaire’s interest in Russia was probably stimulated during his research for the Historie de Charles XII. His ties to Russia became even closer in 1746 during the reign of Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great, when he was made an … Continue reading

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Letters from Voltaire: On Being Liberated from the Bastille, to the Lieutenant of Police

Châtenay, Good Friday, April 5, 1718 Sir: ”The first use I must make of my liberty is to write and thank you for having given it to me. I can only prove my gratitude by being worthy of the kindness … Continue reading

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10 Things You May Not Know About Marie Antoinette

”Vive la nation” the crowd cheered as Marie Antoinette’s head fell down to the ground. Today more than 223 years later after her execution, I will be pointing out 10 surprising facts about the hated French queen during the French … Continue reading

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Explain Napoleon’s rise to political power between 1795 and 1804

The fate of France and Europe from 1799 till 1815 was in the hands of Napoleon Bonaparte.He was born in 1769 on the island of Corsica and died in 1821 exiled on the island of St Helena. His father was … Continue reading

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