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A Day at Hampton Court – 2011

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Until death do us part – Franz Ferdinand and Sophie von Chotkova

Once upon a time, heir to Austro-Hungarian throne, Franz Ferdinand attended a dance in Prague where he met the dazzling Sophie one of the ladies in waiting to the Archduchess Isabella of Pressburg. It was love at first sight. However, … Continue reading

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The Carolingian Renaissance

Another essay I wrote during my finals about the Carolingian Renaissance. Charlemagne was not only an amazing warrior and a political but also a great reformer and begun what historians call, the Carolingian Renaissance. The Carolingian Renaissance was not as … Continue reading

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Can war ever be justified?

Just war is a tradition. It is a tradition because it is an attempt to balance theory in practice in order to come up with rules or principles that should justify war. Mainly it is the work of many philosophers … Continue reading

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Why should everyone read Medieval history?

Many young historians look at Medieval history as this dry as dust, boring and complex subject. However, for one to understand the world we live in today, one must have some common knowledge about medieval history in general. This is due … Continue reading

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Marie Antoinette Syndrome

The sudden whitening of the hair is called ‘Marie Antoinette Syndrome’. The event that named the syndrome were the three separate occasions where Queen of France Marie Antionette’s hair turned stark white after situations of stress. The first case occurred … Continue reading

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Lord Nelson’s mistress, Emma Lady Hamilton

Born into poverty, the daughter of a blacksmith, Amy Lyon or as she preferred to be known, Emma Hart, clawed her way up through London’s underworlds of prostitution and eventually captured the heart of England’s great naval hero, Admiral Horatio … Continue reading

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